Haiti May update

Lunch time! Haiti is still experiencing many difficulties brought on by gangs throughout the country. Even though the villages we support have avoided direct gang violence, they have been greatly affected by it and are experiencing the consequences.  They have had family members kidnapped, inflation is out of control, gas is $20.00 a gallon, there are shortages of everything, and it is unsafe for them to travel. Despite these challenges, The Haiti project can report some good news; The school children are still getting lunch, this has had to be reduced to only once a week but they are getting …

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Sea Container 2024!

Sea Container 2024! We are pleased to announce that we can participate in a sea container going to our area in Haiti. Items include: • “Days for Girls” products. These are reusable personal feminine hygiene products. • soccer uniforms. • books in Haitian Creole. • Priestly vestments • Items requested for the agriculture center that are unavailable in Haiti. Not all of these items are critical for survival. But they are things that offer dignity and hope. We all wish we could do more. We have a request from Ramonia and Dapheny, the two young women that The Haiti Project …

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Haiti Project News Roundup

It is hard for me to believe it has been 24 years of service to Haiti. This journey has had lots of twists and turns and a few switchbacks. The journey began at the suggestion of a Salvatorian priest and has been continually supported by the Salvatorian family and a multitude of others. In the beginning, we were overwhelmed by the poverty and all the needs. But we rolled up our sleeves and with lots of help, dug in. We were naive in so many ways, not understanding the culture and the impact of being in a constant state of …

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Christmas/End-of-Year Gift Appeal for Support of The School Lunch Program

Dear Partners, The children are not eating every day. They are hungry. Food costs have tripled. The cost has risen from 25¢ to 75¢ per meal! Not only has inflation driven up food prices, but transportation prices in Haiti have gone through the roof. Normal shipping has been disrupted by violent gang activity. Many drivers are reluctant to risk their lives and many food shipments are stolen before they leave Port au Prince. It now costs $500 a day to feed the 650 children, 27 teachers, and 12 cooks at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish schools. It now costs $650 …

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Announcing our new website

Dear Faithful Partners and Benefactors. Happy Advent. This year we did not publish a newsletter. Instead, I have been building a new website from the ground up. It is live now and we invite you to come visit. The new website was made necessary because our original site had been hacked and our email to announce new blogs was taken over by bad guys. We apologize. We tried many different solutions and finally decided we needed to start over with a new domain name. We are still in the tweaking stage. This email is also a test to ensure our …

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Bob and Denise

Haiti Update

March 8th, 2022 Greetings partners in Haiti Lent is the season we are given to be still and to take our eyes off of ourselves and our wants. It is the season to give our alms for the needs of the poor, the widows and orphans, the strangers among us. When we are presented with the opportunity to donate to a cause,  it is a simple matter to write a check, (or swipe our card), and go on about our daily lives feeling a little better about ourselves. It is another thing to open our ears to listen, our eyes …

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Happy Holidays from Bob and Denise

Greetings Partners, Thank you for the gift of hope and life that together we give to the people living in the remote villages in Northern Haiti. Amongst the flurry of activity as we rush to finish up 2021, please pause and reflect on the differences that together we make in the lives of the poorest of the poor. Your partnership with The Haiti Project continues to give substance and hope, in spite of the extreme difficulties that continue to plague Haiti. As you read in our fall newsletter, we had amazing successes this past year. The Haiti Project overcame many …

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Bob and Denise

Earthquake update

Quick update: The earthquake in Haiti today spared our are in and around Gros Morne. We pray for those who are those who are affected. Please keep all of the suffering in your hearts and prayers. Blessings, Bob and Denise  

Feeding the least of his people

Thank you, partners, we are just finishing up the school year in Haiti and are pleased to report that your support made it possible for The Haiti Project to provide 58756 meals this school year. We served an average of 660 meals 89 school days at a cost of 41 cents per meal. This includes staff and students. When you consider that most of our brothers in sisters in our rural area do not eat every day, this is a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you. …and our ability to address the extreme food shortage in our rural villages …

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