March 8th, 2022

Greetings partners in Haiti

Lent is the season we are given to be still and to take our eyes off of ourselves and our wants. It is the season to give our alms for the needs of the poor, the widows and orphans, the strangers among us.

When we are presented with the opportunity to donate to a cause,  it is a simple matter to write a check, (or swipe our card), and go on about our daily lives feeling a little better about ourselves. It is another thing to open our ears to listen, our eyes to see, and our hearts to the cries of the poor.

Denise and I have been allowed to listen to, see, and live among the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Our hearts have been changed forever, and we have worked diligently to share with you the realities we have witnessed. And it because of you, all of us have been able to directly provide some of the most basic needs to a multitude of God’s poorest.

This Lenton season please open your hearts to what God would have you do. This year the need to purchase food for the children has become even more important as the inflation in Haiti far surpasses what we are experiencing here. When we think about the sacrifices we need to make to put food on our tables, we think about eating out less, we think of buying off-brand products or cheaper cuts of meat. In Haiti, it means that instead of knowing your children will eat at least 4 days a week, it means eating 2 days a week, or less. Too often for some of these children, it is the only meal they eat.

Your gift is restricted to only buying food. The food purchased feeds the children, their teachers, and the cooks. Please give generously. Please share this post. By sharing this post you may unknowingly multiply your gift.  Thank you.

We continue to hold each of you and our brothers and sisters in Hait close to our hearts. We are one body.

Bob and Denise

As I write this, the people in our area are dealing with the aftereffects of a very serious flood. The main bridge into Gros Morne was destroyed, The gabions that protect the bluff that is under the rectory in Kalabat were washed away, and the fence that protects the Fr Jim Agriculture Center was severely damaged, compromising the center’s security. We have not heard what the cost of human life was. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in need.


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