Dear Partners,

The children are not eating every day. They are hungry.

Food costs have tripled. The cost has risen from 25¢ to 75¢ per meal! Not only has inflation driven up food prices, but transportation prices in Haiti have gone through the roof. Normal shipping has been disrupted by violent gang activity. Many drivers are reluctant to risk their lives and many food shipments are stolen before they leave Port au Prince.

It now costs $500 a day to feed the 650 children, 27 teachers, and 12 cooks at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish schools.

It now costs $650 a day to feed the 840 children, 40 teachers, and 20 cooks at Riviere Mancelle parish schools.

The children will not eat without our help. Please join us to address this critical need.
Your gift of $25 will feed 33 children, your gift of $100 will feed 133 children. Please consider a recurring monthly donation. How many children would you like to feed?

Please Note: Some of you received the following when we sent out our first test blog for our new website.
This year we did not publish a newsletter. Instead, we have been building a new website from the ground up. It is live now and we invite you to come visit. The new website was made necessary because our original site had been hacked and our email to announce new blogs was taken over by bad guys. We apologize. We tried many different solutions and finally decided we needed to start over with a new domain name.

We are still in the tweaking stage. Please let us know if you need any help or experience any unusual emails coming from our website.

We wish you Advent blessings and a Merry Christmas,
Bob and Denise s.d.s.

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