The Lord hears the cry of the poor.

To all of our faithful partners and all who care about the plight of the poor:   The Lord hears the cry of the poor. And we need to raise our voices with them so that those who have ears to hear, will listen.   This school year tens of thousands of Haitian students were eliminated from World Food Program’s school lunches.  This follows a government decision to limit recipients of the lunches to only public schools which make up around 20% of the schools in the country. Prior to this any elementary school that met the criteria could apply, including …

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Grief and Sorrow

Four nights. Wailing, keening, punctuated with sudden stillness and low murmurs. Sleep, awake again. Piercing screams from unknown fathoms of sorrow mix with the rising and falling counterpoint of the voodoo drums, chanting, and cocks crowing. With the tinges of daylight the keening stops, the roosters fade and only the drums and chanting continue unrelenting. Soon they too will become still. Today is the funeral. Relatives of the dead women come to us for money. Denise says no and apologizes, telling them that the money we have is for the living. We did all we could for the woman before …

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New truck

What a miracle! Mesi anpil,(thank you very much), to the Lay Salvatorians and their benefactors that has made this possible. After the years of traveling by moto and our mostly faithful Gator, we now are able to travel safely and further with out having to hire a car and driver. The is the added benifit of saving much money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bob and Denise

challenges, by Denise

January 25th, 2015 Yesterday was quite a day, it started out normal. I did the laundry and a young girl was helping me. The young lady complained of ear pain. I looked through my stores of meds and found some amoxilcillin but didn’t feel comfortable prescribing antibiotics. I would usually call Sr. Jackie but I knew she was busy with a medical team and was leaving for the States so I didn’t want to bother her. Then I remember our new friends , Anita works in medical so I called her. She said she would come over and had a …

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Haiti update

I need to make a note of clarification about our last post. Our witnessing the struggles of parents trying to send their children to school is why we are constantly talking about the School Sponsorship Program. When you sponsor a child in school for $90, 100% of the money goes for their education. No administration fees are taken and you directly make a very positive impact on the child you sponsor and their family. Thursday morning surgery was scheduled for the umbilical hernia on Jon Gary, the young boy pictured with Denise in our last published newsletter. Last week Sr. …

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Our home while in Haiti is an apartment guest house built above the school in Garcin. As a result of the five parish schools, the school in Garcin holds a special place in our hearts. We have watched it grow from its start to an enrollment of almost 200 students, and then down to around 80. The drop in attendance is a result of the lack of funds. The worldwide recession resulted in a significant drop in donations that the school is dependent on. With a goal to break the dependency cycle, we recognize that an educated population is a …

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Just a few quick notes:

When we left Port au Prince, we hired our friend Lamouth to drive us. He is one of the Haitians that gave a workshop for our agriculture group, APWOKPRAM, last fall on bio-intensive gardens. He is working on a problem for a group of sisters that bought several thousand acres of land. They want to develop it agriculturally but it is poisoned with salt. He is researching plants that grow in tidal planes and close to the ocean. The problem with soil contaminated with salt is a worldwide problem. I know that it is a big problem in Australia. Sr. …

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Haiti update

To all of our friends, We are very thankful to be back in Garcin. We arrived yesterday in Port au Prince, spent the night at Matthew 25 guest house. We did not see any problems other than UN troops moving in to the city and hearing on the radio that the US troops have landed. Please pray for peace. Our new truck is still in customs. The government shut down last night. We hope things are resolved soon. Hopefully we will be able to go back for the truck at the end of this week, at the earliest, We shall …

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Haiti Update

Happy New Year to all of our partners in the Haiti Project. We are starting off the New Year with a new web site and blogging platform. We are still under construction but we are using it to send this blog. I will continue to email these to those of you who receive it by email. We will be heading back to Haiti shortly. We are expecting that our new truck will be out of customs and ready to roll when we return. This is a major step for the Haiti Project. Transportation has always been a problem that …

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