Lunch time!

Haiti is still experiencing many difficulties brought on by gangs throughout the country. Even though the villages we support have avoided direct gang violence, they have been greatly affected by it and are experiencing the consequences.  They have had family members kidnapped, inflation is out of control, gas is $20.00 a gallon, there are shortages of everything, and it is unsafe for them to travel.

Despite these challenges, The Haiti project can report some good news;

  • The school children are still getting lunch, this has had to be reduced to only once a week but they are getting a hot nutritious meal. The cost has gone from 25 cents to 85 cents per meal. 
  •  A workshop giving further education on vanilla production took place this spring.
  • We shipped supplies to the mission through a private company.
  • Communication with the key people working on the Haiti project is good, we can stay connected daily.
  • Remonia and Daphney,  the two young ladies going to university for nursing degrees, are in their last year and hope to open a clinic in their home parish after graduation.
  • Louie Nell is excelling in his schooling and is planning a banana propagating project at the Fr Jim Agriculture Center this summer.

Vanilla Workshop

In other news, the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe is being split into two parishes. The new parish will include the villages of Buchan Richard and Garcin. Father Luckson CHÉRY, the new priest, is scheduled to be installed May 26.

The Haiti Project is currently looking for support for the new parish as well as support for additional students pursuing higher education. 

Your continuing support brings life and hope to our brothers and sisters living in unimaginable poverty.

Thank you, Bob and Denise



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